Trial of Franklin D. Roosevelt

An original play by Robert Krakow, to debut at the 70th Anniversary Commemorative Event on November 13th at the Eden Roc in Miami Beach.

Directed by Distinguished South African Director Heather Schmulian.

Set before the Eternal Court of Justice, “The Trial of Franklin D. Roosevelt” explores the historical and political forces which influenced Franklin D Roosevelt’s policies on the plight of Jewish refugees seeking safe haven in America and the level of American effort to protect the Jews in Europe. Passenger J (the collective souls of the St Louis passengers) will act as Prosecutor and John F. Kennedy will be Defense Counsel. Eleanor Roosevelt, Felix Frankfurter, and President Roosevelt himself will give their testimonies before the jury.

The Evian Conference, the SS St Louis incident, the State Department’s “Jew” policy, the Karski affair, the Presidential oath of office as well as the constitutional provisions on Commander in Chief will be submitted as evidence as the jury deliberates and comes to a verdict.