Sunken Toy Treasure?!

You’ll never guess what divers found on the shipwreck of the SS St Louis

When we think of sex toys we think of the modern kind of sex toy you can buy at a local adult shop. This piece about to turn those modern ideas into old time reality.

Though they were originally searching for Baron de Rothschild’s ship lost in the late 19th century, explorers instead came across the S.S. St. Louis. Sunk in 1939 by German forces, this passenger ship has remained largely untouched due to deep waters, leaving treasure hunters to wonder what mysteries it was hiding. But this shipwreck held more than just china and silverware as the first divers found when they came across an air pocket in the crews quarters to discover several strange looking devices that left them baffled. It was only upon further research that their true uses were discovered, and what they found not only shed a light on what life was like for crew members of the S.S. St. Louis, but left researchers giggling.

Polar Cub Electric Vibrator
When the explorers found this old box it looked like a beauty aid with a picture of a woman massaging her cheeks with it. And while we’re certain the Polar Cub brought some colour to the cheeks we’re also pretty sure that it wasn’t the face women were massaging. The Polar Cub Electric Vibrator was first patented in 1928 and resembled an electric drill as opposed to a sex toy. Its bulky shape was surely difficult to manage with a large wooden teal-coloured handle and metal drum at its top. Two attachments were in the crumbling box, one a smooth rubber cup-shaped device and the other a nubby, textured accessory. Researchers say they would be placed against the clitoris and that the Polar Cub Electric Vibrator was capable of producing some memorable vibrations. And while we’re sure that it offered plenty of relief from all that pent up 1930’s style sexual frustration, it most likely wasn’t that easy to fit into your luggage.

Rolling Pin Heat Massager
As the divers came across this rolling pin in the barracks of the S.S. St. Louis they assumed it was a misplaced kitchen tool, but with the plug and the ribbed surface it wasn’t long until some realized it wasn’t your average pastry rolling tool. In fact the Rolling Pin Heat Massager was a popular sex toy that first made its way to stores in 1932. Advertised as therapy for sports injuries and tense muscles, it didn’t take long for women to realize its potential for releasing other types of tension. The Rolling Pin would not only vibrate, it would also warm up, creating a gently comforting textured surface that could be used anywhere, and we do mean anywhere, over the body.

Found in a cupboard among some random tools, divers thought that the Vibrosage they found was a small hand drill. But once they brought it up it was clear that the textured rubber attachments were meant for something else entirely. First manufactured in 1933 the Vibrosage was a more compact model massager than the Polar Cub. With an anodized metal handle the Vibrosage at least wouldn’t give you splinters while you used it and featured a smaller design that was easier to hold in your hand, and perhaps tuck in your luggage. It still needed to be plugged in, but once it had power it whirled around at mesmerizing speeds with a choice of two attachments. It didn’t run quietly though, making us wonder just how private playtime could have been on the S.S. St. Louis.