About Us

Promoting, Encouraging, And Increasing Jewish Continuity
Through The Arts

A recent survey of Jewish Identification in America “raises profound questions about the future viability of one of the world’s oldest religions” so reads an article in one of America’s major newspapers.

What would your grandparents and great grandparents think if they read a  statement suggesting that the existence of Judaism was in question; your ancestors who kept alive a heritage and tradition often at the risk of their own lives.

The mission of the Foundation for Jewish Continuity is to issue a challenge.
A challenge that asks us to examine our identity at its very roots and ask ourselves the following question:  How do I truly measure the value my Jewish identity?

The Foundation will connect with Jewish people from across the entire spectrum through our innovative and unique creative projects. We will reach out to the unaffiliated, the alienated, the culturally but not practicing, the reform, conservative and orthodox and we will challenge Jews everywhere to embark upon this very personal journey to within.

Our creative outreach will include theater, film and communal events
such as:
  • The SS St Louis Project with history-making program on December 13-14, 2009 at the Eden Roc Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida that will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the ill-fated voyage and honor the survivors at a special reunion and the passenger signing of the U.S. Senate Resolution 111.  The signed documents will be housed in the U.S. National Archives “Legislative Treasures Vault” (where the most significant historical documents of Congress are preserved in perpetuity  for  public display), the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Oskar Schindler Family Archives, and other significant institutions throughout the world.
    Participating U.S. and international dignitaries will include Rev. Rosemary Schindler (niece of Oskar Schindler); Richard Hunt, director for the U.S. Center for Legislative Archives;Scott Miller, director of Curatorial Affairs of the U.S. Holocaust Museum, U.S. Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, U.S. Congressman Ron Kleingovernment officials from several countries, and playwright/filmmaker Robert Krakow.  Program includes the premiere of playwright/filmmaker Robert Krakow’s “The Trial of Franklin D. Roosevelt”, the official Resolution signing, and Menorah lighting and beachfront dedication ceremony.
  • “The False Witness: The Trial of Adolf Hitler” to be held on December 14, 2009 at the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County, Boca Raton, Florida:  The original play by playwright/filmmaker Robert Krakow provides for a provocative exploration of the assault on Jewish identity.
  • “The Portrait of Adele” (Documentary Film), written and produced by playwright/filmmaker Robert Krakow, is a dramatic story of the Holocaust Era Restitution featuring the detective work at the National Archives which led to the return of the Klimt paintings from the Austrian National Gallery.