Philip S. Freund Premiere of The Trial of Franklin D. Roosevelt

Poem: A Tribute Denied Entry

Poem: A Tribute Denied Entry

St. Louis Poem


By Belle Anne Freund, wife of SS St. Louis survivor, Retired Colonel . Phil Freund

The time had come to leave our home, To start our travels and then to roam.

We traveled on for 40 days and 40 nights; We felt like sheep, we had no rights.

The call of Miami Beach was there; We had to leave, it was not fair.

Cuba had said no to us so few; The time would come, this day they had rue.

Because of them so many died; They made a promise, then they lied.

The blood of many is on their hands. Of all of those who wore Jewish bands.

Now today the time has come,  That repentance is made to only some.

But what about those who are not here? Their memory should always be very dear.

Never again, we say loud and clear, Or this could happen again, we fear.

Never again, to all we will tell, As we try to mend and be well.

Our dear Christian friends here care so very much.

As they reach out to us with love and touch.

You felt the sins your for bearers made,

And learn of the sacrifices of which we paid.

Whole families were wiped away,

In unmarked graves so many lay.

And many do not have a place of their own,

Where we can mark them with a stone.

So never forget those not here,

The six million Jews  all those so dear.

They paid a price that we may live,

Their memory to our children we continue to give.

We thank you so very much,

For caring about generations lost.

Of the valuable contributions that could have been made,

What a horrible price to have paid.

Who knows what discoveries would be.

What  beautiful art that we would see;

Or the music that we would hear,

So lovely that in our eyes would be a tear.

So much lost and for what reason?

It is too late, it is already done.

They made the world so much better.

They followed the rule to the letter.

We cannot imagine the hopelessness they felt;

Those in the camps with which they dealt.

They prayed to God and went to their fate,

The liberation for too many came too late.

937 passengers could have been saved.

Of them the Cubans could have raved.

Then 6 million would not have been killed;

But it was not in the cards  it was not willed.

So, today, at our feet you lay,

But what a horrible price to pay.

Yet we are honored and forgive,

For because of the others our life we live.

We will always remember this date,

And thank God for our fate.

To live our lives.

For those who died.